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Our Housing Campaign

How do I apply for a Food For The Poor house?

When applying for a Food for the Poor House, you must provide the following documents:

  1. Letter Stating Living Condition: A letter written by a Pastor or JP detailing your current living situation. Must be stamped and signed respectively.           
  1. Land History Letter:  Please see attached form which should be used as a guide when preparing this letter. N.B. This letter should be done if original land owner/owners are deceased.  (NB: The land history must begin with the original land owner) 
  1. Permission letter: Permission must be in writing from person/persons who have ties to the land through purchase or inheritance. The letter needs their consent, name and signature and must be stamped and signed by JP.    
  1. Copy of will  (if any)        
  1. Copy of title  (if any)
  1. Copy of land Owner's ID and contact number    
  1. Updated tax receipt: 2018 – 2020

Please see attached for guidelines below.

  1. The Guidelines for history of land details (PDF)
    This should be used as a guide when preparing information of detailed land history letter requested. This should give information starting from original land owner to current land owner/owners.
  1. Requirement for a Food For the Poor House (PDF)
    This should be use as a guide for first time applicants as well as applicants who need to update their documents.
  1. Letter to all Applicants (PDF)
    This is to reinforce our rules and regulations regarding housing application.

This is an application and there is no guarantee that a house will be provided.

There is No cost for the application or house construction!