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Sponsor Pauline Fearon, left, Kitanya Bruce and Mother Roxanne Williams.

After pouring out her all in The Gleaner on September 10, 2016, Roxanne Williams is back in a more cheerful mood saying thanks to all who have assisted her while she was at her lowest. She is now the owner of a house donated by Food For the Poor in December last year - just in time for Christmas. Williams says that she is now in a better place physically and mentally, having been able to provide a stable place to call home for her four children.

She shared how much of a struggle life has been for her since she was released from prison two years prior. She was unable to school her children or put a roof over their heads because she was unable to get a job to provide for their needs.

"Mi never live nowhere an mi always inna struggle fi sen mi children to school. Sometimes I can't even find food, so I'm thankful to Food For the Poor for the house, and to Pauline Fearon, owner of the Whitfield Bakery, for sponsoring my daughter, Kitanya Bruce, for the next three years she has in high school. I feel elated and my heart is more than happy" she told Family and Religion.

Williams says that she will now focus on schooling the three younger children, Ammade Bruce, eight 8; Towanna Clarke, five; and Qwanna Clarke, four.

"I don't have any subjects, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to look after them and provide a proper meal for them at night. I want for them what I never had, and that includes a good education."

Pauline Fearon owns and operates the Whitfield Bakery and Pastries in Clarendon and will be sponsoring Kitanya through the James and Friends Education Programme, with which she has been affiliated for over eight years.

"It's extremely rewarding to assist persons in need, because people end up in situations because of various factors. But at the end of the day, if I can assist someone to get an education, then I will do my best to help" she said.

She provides a breakfast programme, which is a package that includes bread, bulla, and snacks to be used in the mornings before they go to school. Students also receive a small stipend for bus fare to pick up the items.

"I try to visit schools and do motivational speeches and I also provide a monthly allowance to assist with school expenses," added Fearon.

In response to Fearon's kind gesture, Kitanya says that she is very thankful to her for affording her the opportunity to get an education and promises to do her best.

"I pray God will bless them so they can help others."

"The happiness I'm feeling right now can't be explained. Looking back how far we have come ... . Right now it's not about me, it's about them, and I am trusting God to help me find a job so I can be able to provide for them. Again I'm saying thanks to all who assisted me and helped to get my kids back into school. I was on the road hustling juice, and because police constantly chasing vendors, I fell with the goods one day. Mi no give up, but I would like to try something else right now," said Williams.